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14 November 2010 @ 12:19 pm
And you can change my world.  
Hell yeah! I tell you, CHANGE UR WORLD rock TTM. 


Urgh wts someone posted the PV on arama. fhdsikfhdilsghsiljgislfjdskgjfdgdf. YES seriously, i am not grateful to that person at all. Can't they respect rules a little? If they think they're helping to share, they're absolutely wrong in being a hero. They're only making things worse. What's wrong with waiting for a few days more. I mean yes i also knew through the net that the PV was leaked and using my own ways i got to watch the PV, but i don't go around telling people where to watch it. Those people on tumblr also respected the rules and merely posted screen caps. Please, they knew of the PV long long long ago. Do you know why i prefer tumblr way more than lj comms now? People on lj comms are freaking not united. With so much differing opinions, you always see people quarreling, bitching. It's.. annoying. Fandom shouldn't be this way. Isn't KAT-TUN the group we all love? 



Like this. 

And this.

*throws a guppy inside*

Kame the superman! Yeah, i want to punch now. (actually idk if its kame, i just assume XD)

And how can i resist not screencapping this? :DDDDDDDDD

Oops, no screencap for junno. his hair was epic! lolol. 

While looking at the PV, i was kinda.. moved. 5 of them are working so hard. Jin is working very hard as well. All of them are working hard in their own ways. What reasons have i not to support them? I will never regret falling in love with them. 

Then i thought about my journey of loving KAT-TUN. It all started with Jin. He was the one who made me gradually know and feel for KAT-TUN. If not for Jin, i swear i wouldn't try understanding KAT-TUN. I'll probably like and that's all. It's that kind of on-the-surface liking, for example my liking for NEWS. Do i know Koyama well? Do i know Massu or Tegoshi or Shige well? I don't. But do i like them? Yeah i do. Do i love them? Err.. not really. 

If i had liked Jin now (after he had left KAT-TUN), i can say, i won't bother knowing KAT-TUN. It's sad. I mean, i won't know it's sad because i won't even like KAT-TUN. But now that i know how it feels to be in love with KAT-TUN, i think it's really.. a 遗憾 if i only like Jin but not KAT-TUN. 

I have always been more into groups than soloists. It's something about a group, the teamwork, the connection, that attracts me. Time to time again when i watch KAT-TUN performing as 5, i would wonder how nice it'd be if A is with them now, performing and singing with them. It always hits me that i still prefer him to be in KAT-TUN. But i know A wants something else. A is now Jin Akanishi. He has his dreams to fulfil. He has ambitious goals which he's not afraid to achieve. He wants to lead a life which at the end of it all, he would proclaim that it's the best life ever. He is meant to be a soloist where he can decide things in his own ways, where he can utilize the freedom to express himself thoroughly and craft out a path measured for himself. It is by doing the things he wants that he can truly attain genuine happiness. How can i bear to give up my support for him? 

KAT-TUN to me now is like a 5 + 1. It's still 6, just separated into 5 + 1. Haha.